EP: Newfangled Technological Contradance Novelty Revue


digital download only



We’re excited to release our first EP! Four tracks that you might hear at our live-electronic dances.

All music and arrangements by Buddy System unless otherwise noted.

Noah VanNorstrand: fiddle, vocals
Julie Vallimont: sequencing, synths, piano

  1. Dippin’ (3:44)
    additional sequencing: Dana Billings
  2. Funky Hotel (6:18)
    Lyrics and melody from “Hotel California”, by Don Felder, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey
    tune: Jug of Punch (traditional)
    trumpet: Jesse Readlynn
  3. Cool Hip Dancer (3:58)
    tune: Paddy on the Turnpike (traditional)
    voice: Xtranormal
  4. Put Your PJs On (5:30)
    tune: The PJ Tune (Noah VanNorstrand)

Produced by Dana Billings and Julie Vallimont.
Recorded by Julie Vallimont at the Nexus, Somerville MA.
Mixed and mastered by Dana Billings.
Design and art by Angela DeCarlis.
Creative direction by Julie Vallimont.

Copyright © 2016 Buddy System. All rights reserved.

Noah’s original Cool Hip Dancer video that our Cool Hip Dancer track is based on!  (made on xtranormal. RIP)