CD: Ride the Wheel


Our debut acoustic cd!  Featuring a lot of original tunes and other gems that we’ve collected.

Physical cd, shipped to you.

Also available as digital download.



Noah VanNorstrand: fiddle, foot percussion, tenor guitar, shaker
Julie Vallimont: piano, accordion, Fender Rhodes, jaw harp

1 Muscles – Ride the Wheel (3:20)
2 Sunshine (3:54)
3 Garey Ford – Ithacan (4:42)
4 Acorn Stomp – Black Jack Grove (4:20)
5 Wild Blueberries (2:49)
6 Will Drive All Night (4:31)
7 Maxim Leblanc – Scottish de l’an 2 (3:47)
8 Mia’s Room (3:50)
9 Greenwood (3:32)
10 Hills of Thistles – St. Michael’s Mount – Lad O’Beirne’s (4:31)
11 Leaving MacIntyre – Breakwall (5:11)
12 Serenity Knoll – Dragon Hatchery (4:52)

Total time: 49:32

Arrangements by Buddy System.
Produced by Andrew VanNorstrand.
Recorded by Dana Billings at Northfire Recording Studio, Amherst, MA.
Mixed by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland, Ithaca, NY.
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering, Takoma Park, MD.
Artwork & Design by Julie Vallimont.
Layout by Mariel Vandersteel and Julie Vallimont.
Band photography by Frank Kriemendahl.
Art photography by Julie Vallimont and Hannah Bary.
Album direction by Julie Vallimont.