The Buddies playing an acoustic set! Jonesborough, TN. Jan 2015.
The Buddies playing an acoustic set! Jonesborough, TN. Jan 2015.

Noah and Julie play as an acoustic duo, using fiddle, feet, didgeridoo, piano, and jawharp.  They are occasionally joined by a third musician (then, Julie may play accordion and Noah may play mandolin). They play original compositions, traditional tunes from Ireland, Quebec, Appalachia, and France, and modern tunes collected from their travels in the music scene.  Noah and Julie play for concerts as well as for dances.

It’s the synergy between Julie and Noah that makes Buddy System so magical.  They had known each other for years in the contra scene, but really bonded when they were both on staff at Jay Ungar and Molly Mason’s Ashokan Music and Dance Camp. (They were “camp buddies”.) It was instant musical connection and they spent all week staying up late playing tunes every night.

“I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed dancing to Buddy System. You were a perfect combination of recognizably traditional and non traditional with great rhythm and drive. My favorite kind of music for contra.” – dancer and fiddler, Boston, MA

“What a collaboration!  There will be fire under the dancers’ feet and sparks flying from the stage whenever these two amazing musicians perform!” – Jean Gorrindo, caller, Los Osos, CA

“Wow! Buddy System combines masterful musicianship, driving energy and creative versatility to provide unique and amazing dancing experiences. Dancers’ feet will not stop moving and their smiles will not stop beaming whether you are running a traditional or techno contra. Their visit to our community has been the dancing highlight of the year!” – Rick Smith, caller, Denver, CO